Everything you need to know about no-deposit free casino bonuses

Among the multitude of bonuses offered by online casinos, no-deposit bonuses are at the top of the most sought-after criteria for Australian players.

Who says no-deposit bonus means free money! Whether in the form of a few dollars or free spins, these bonuses offered by online casinos, such as PlayAmo Casino Australia, are made above all to lure a maximum of players. This is a common commercial strategy, but it can sometimes bring its share of (bad) surprises.

That’s right! Playing for free is great, but do you really know the advantages and disadvantages of bonuses without casino deposits?

To learn all about the no deposit bonuses of the casinos, it is below!

How to get it?

No-deposit bonuses will be given to you by the no-deposit casinos that offer such an offer, once your registration is complete and your email has been checked. However, although this type of bonus is mainly granted to new players, some Australian online casinos will not hesitate to reward their most loyal players with a few free dollars.

What is the purpose of the no-deposit casino bonuses and how to use them?

The no-deposit bonuses offered by online casinos are primarily used to familiarize oneself with the casino’s interface, to discover the plurality of slot machines available and to test them for free.

In the vast majority of cases, don’t expect to hit the jackpot with this famous no-deposit bonus! It is always subject to wagering conditions called “playthrough” or “wagering”. This no-deposit bonus could be described as a “discovery bonus”.

How to use this type of bonus?

It’s very simple and it depends on the type of free bonus received. If it is an amount of money, for example, $10, you simply launch the free slot machine of your choice, select a bet and spin the reels.

In the case of free spins, you will not have a choice of slot machine and will have to spin the reels from the casino selection. However, with the winnings from free spins, if any, there is nothing to stop you from trying your luck elsewhere.

What are the benefits of the no deposit bonus?

The main advantage of these no-deposit casino offers is that it doesn’t cost you anything! So there is no risk of losing money. You will be able to try one or more games without paying a penny. Another advantage? You won’t be asked for any banking information! And finally, although rare, it is quite possible to make a profit and win money.

What are the disadvantages of bonuses without a casino deposit?

These free offers often come with restrictions. A piece of advice, read the “Terms & Conditions” of Australian online casinos before accepting a bonus or any other type of bonus (with a deposit).

What restrictions? Wagering conditions but also a limit on how much you can win when you withdraw! Also be aware that bonuses without a deposit have an expiration date, like everything else!

Concretely, the bonus without deposit casino is good for playing for free, test the online casinos and discover the various slot machines, but for free. 

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