Changes of Mobile Casino Payments

The main trend of online gambling right now is a mobile casino. It provides a unique way of playing casino games anywhere and anytime a player wants. The main advantage of mobile gambling is its convenience including cashless payments. Bank transfers and credit cards were primary leaders, although some new payment methods are rising. CasinoChan Canada-type casinos provide many electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies. So how gamblers prefer to make deposits and withdrawals in 2021?

Credit Cards and Bank Transfers Lose Their Significance

Credit card payments were an online transaction pioneer. At the beginning of online gambling development, credit cards and bank transfers were the only available ways of payment. They further have big audience coverage as many people have credit cards.

Even so, today the popularity of credit cards among gamblers decreases. Many casinos have already stopped accepting them and it seems like many of them will stop too soon. There are main reasons that lead to such a result:

  1. The majority of financial frauds on the Web were made with credit card owners. In fact, all trusted casinos are trying to provide high-quality protection and safety. But it’s not enough to convince every player and especially the authorities.
  2. Using a credit card, a player has a risk to make overspending. In some cases, it can result in gambling addiction. It’s a very dangerous threat that often leads to serious financial and psychological problems.
  3. It requires a lot of personal information from a customer. For someone, it feels safer to keep it anonymous or give as little as possible.

The rating of bank transfers is getting low too. These transfers provide strong protection, but they are pretty slow in comparing with other online payment methods.

Cryptocurrencies and eWallets are Getting Popular

Recently more and more casinos accept cryptocurrencies. It’s a perfect way of payment for mobile gambling. Cryptocurrencies offer reliable protection and partial confidentiality for gamblers. Also, cryptocurrency transactions are fast and they are highly secured from all frauds and scams. Moreover, there are some new cryptocurrencies made only for online casinos.

eWallets are quite popular too. Such a payment method is trusted because it has already been on the online market for a while. Many people have been using it constantly for many years, so they can consider it as an appropriate one for mobile gambling. Digital wallets provide instant internet transactions and their security. Also, you can make a direct fund transfer from your bank account.

What Will Happen Next

Thus, gamblers now prefer more fast, protected, and convenient ways of payment. It doesn’t mean that bank transfers and credit card payments will disappear soon. They are still used by an enormous number of players even now. But, the advantages of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets are undeniable. Also, all trusted casinos orient on the best customer services and their protection. Such points as protection and time of transactions are preferable by them. In such a way, most casinos will take courses on credit cards and bank transfers phasing out.  

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